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Team Aakash is an aspiring team from SRM which deals with application development for Aakash tablets and its operating environment. Our team consists of students from various disciplines such as ECE, CSE, IT, EEE and Mechatronics and are headed by our professor Mrs. Suryakala from ECE department of SRM University. Aakash is first in series of android-based tablet computers produced by a British company Datawind and manufactured by an India-based company Quad. A remote lab of IIT Bombay, we have a reputation of creating projects based on android, electronics, web development, graphic designing and machine learning which are both helpful and informative for their users. Multiple innovative projects of vast diversity were attempted and successfully completed. Our prime focus is to benefit every user by the projects we make. We set our focus of being the best team in SRM University after receiving an appreciation for our very first app SRM e-brochure followed by SRM NanoSAT, which tracks the SRMSAT satellite revolving around the Earth. Till date we have created and launched projects like Surprise Test App, GPS App, Marauder, SRM Opas, smart watch and many more interesting ones. Now that we have come this far, we still will not stop. Every year is a new opportunity and we at team Aakash believe that oppurtunies are not to be wasted. In addition to the apps, we have a big surprise coming up next semester.

Our Domains

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson

App Development
Web Development
Electronics and IOT
Machine Learning


Our Annual Fest TEKMUX will be taking place on 17th and 18th of August 2018. The event comprises of an electronic Hackathon and three non technical events along with two technical events. We will soon be open for registrations. Last time we remarkably succeeded in conducting the event and we will make sure that we make it even better this time. Hope to see you all there.



Smart gas detector

IoT smoke detection system in which the MQ-2 smoke sensor will sense if there is smoke nearby


Smart Accelerometer

Interfaced the accelerometer with arduino uno and we have also designed the prototype PCB using AVR with Atmega 328p.


Smart home

System which is ingrained with Arduino UNO, Relay, HC-05 Bluetooth module, AC supply and CFLs


Smart watch

Cost effective smart watch that connects to an Android Phone and shows SMS notifications and syncs time with an android Smartphone.



As the RFId (MFRC522) is interfaced with nodemcu and code is uploaded through Arduino IDE. We are able to see the message when we scan the card. When the card is correct "Welcome to ARL" is displayed where as when incorrect card is scanned "Access denied" is displayed.

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